(2009) is an exploration into the act of "copying" in the user interface sense of the word; that is, every time we press Edit->Copy or Command+c.

The project involves two things; one, a custom piece of software that “listens” for copy actions, be it via the menu (normally Edit->Copy) or the keyboard shortcut (Command+c in OS X). Once the software captures an item, it determines its format, which at present can be plain text, rich text, URL’s or any number of image types, and then uploads the copied item to the second part of the project, which is a blog. There the items are presented in the same form that they were copied, as much as that is possible, ordered chronologically and given categories, much like any other blog.

Currently, the project has a single participant: myself. Please visit the project's site to view it.


The capturing software was developed in Cocoa and Objective-C, so it is therefore Mac-only at this point. The program basically checks every second or so for changes in the OS X "pasteboard", which is where items that are copied go to. The scanning routine was borrowed from Jumpcut, a clipboard buffering program that if you use OS X you should most definitely download. Once the program captures something, it determines its appropriate format and then performs an upload to the blog via the MetaWeblog API. Plain text, rich text and a variety of image formats are currently supported by the project. There are some limitations inherent in the project, namely the inability to capture data from some programs, but that is mostly due to the fact that such programs post their data in proprietary formats to the pasteboard, or simply don't use the pasteboard at all. In that sense, my software is limited just like any other OS X software is. The blog engine used is WordPress, with a custom theme that was derived from the default "kubrick" theme.