Push/Pull (2005). With Geon Dong Kim

Interactive installation that explores the role of the physical interface in virtual environments. Conceptualized by fellow RISD student Geon Dong Kim, my role in the project concentrated on the development and production of the piece. The project involves a bicycle pump that, when depressed, triggers a series of "dust" particles that are projected on the floor. These particles can then be "cleaned up" by the use of a vacuum cleaner directly on the projection surface. Technically, the project required the crafting of a sensor system that would detect air coming out of the pump, the tracking of the vacuum cleaner via a simple computer vision system, the calibration of the vision system and the projection and the generation of the graphics, which was performed using OpenGL. The tracking of the vacuum cleaner was simplified by the use of a fully IR LED that was grafted on it; the camera was then filtered so that it was only sensitive to IR light. Through additional manipulation of the source image, a single point of light was obtained.

Developed in C++, using SDL and OpenGL.