Every Word I Saved (Book) (2007)

Every Word I Saved (Book) is the second in a series of works based on a database of every word that the artist has written saved in his various computers since 2002. In this work, the database is printed in its entirety, in a format that vaguely resembles a ledger. Words are keyed for their origin, and they are accompanied by a time stamp that reflects when they were saved. The 11x17in. book contains over 300 pages, and it is fully navigable. By hand.



The book builds on the tools that were developed for the first work in the series, which are all Java based. This includes the parsers for instant messaging logs (for various IM clients), email and Word documents. Since the output of this work was to be a rather large print, PDF was chosen as the target format. The iText library was used to generate the document.