Every Word I Saved (Uttered) (2007)

Every Word I Saved (Uttered) is the third in a series of works based on a database of every word that the artist has written saved in his various computers since 2002. The database this time is visually presented in a style that emphasizes words that are not repeated, as opposed to the previous works in the series. They are accompanied by a speech synthesizer that reads the words in real-time.



In addition to the database and parsing software developed, Uttered utilizes the FreeTTS Java library to provide text-to-speech synthesis. In addition, JSyn is used to provide panning and reverb. The original plan was to pipe the FreeTTS data directly to JSyn, but I could not get that to work. Thus, the naive solution was used: save the FreeTTS output to disk, open it with JSyn, process it and then play it back. Miraculously, it works in real-time. Computers, it seems, are faster than you think.